Jeremy Tambling, writer and critic, Honorary Professor of Comparative Literature, University of Hong Kong.

University Education
B.A. – University of York, English Literature.

M.Phil – Nottingham University 1969-71; “The Intellectual and Cultural Milieu of Dickens’s Novels”: degree 1973.
PhD – Essex University 1982-4;  “Vo significando: The Heuristic Art of Dante’s Commedia”- degree 1985.

Most recent position: Professor at University of Social Sciences and Humanities, Warsaw (SWPS).

Previously Professor of Literature, Manchester University (position taken February 1, 2006 – December 2013: retired) and Michaelmas Term 2009: Visiting Fellow, St Catherine’s College, Oxford.

Recent Activities:


He is continuing his work on Dante with ongoing work on Paradiso, and following two books on time and anachroniity, Becoming Posthumous and On Anachronism, he is planning a third which will sort out his ideas on temporality and time, drawing on Bernard Stiegler as a starting-point for debate.

Articles and commissioned book and reviews and papers and conferences ongoing or in press – e.g.:

‘Law and Order’ in Janice M. Allan and Christopher Pittard (eds.) The Cambridge Companion to Sherlock Holmes,
‘Why Literature? Why Psychoanalysis?’ in The Cambridge Companion to Literature and Psychoanalysis ed. Vera J. Camden
12 entries for the Chaucer Encyclopaedia ed. Richard Newhauser (Wiley-Blakcwell) Separate chapters in anthologies on Dickens and the Arts (ed. Juliet John and Claire Woods) and D.H. Lawrence and the Arts (ed. Catherine Brown and Su Reid, both for E.U.P in press).

He continues to do professional assessments of colleagues for grants, etc., and to act as a publisher’s reader.

Tambling is editing the Palgrave Encyclopaedia of Urban Literary Studies, which is now online, and will take book-form in 2021.

He is part of an ongoing group, the Comparative History of Literature in European Languages, studying realism: this has met, since 2016, about four times a year in London, Nottingham, and Durham, for workshops (and is writing a chapter on Balzac, Dickens, and James, for publication in the volumes which will appear).

Tambling is one of the judges of the 2019 award of the DSC Prize for South Asia Literature (to be completed December 2019).

Other articles and commissioned book and reviews and conferences ongoing or in press:

May 2019: University of Silesia: Four lectures: on literature and gender; New Historicism; King Lear and Doctor Faustus.

March 2019: Master-class and lecture at University of Amsterdam: ‘Crowds, Crime, and the Power of Suggestion’, and ‘On the Great Criminal: Madness and the Text’.

November 2018, Warsaw University Research seminar: ‘Cities and Schiziphrenia’

October 2018: Durham University Postgraduate Research group: Paper on ‘Cities and Schizophrenia’

September 2018: ESSE conference at Brno: paper on Keywords in Dickens: ‘What is called Taste is Only Another Word for Fact’.

July 3-5 2018: Keynote lecture on Nietzsche and Shakeseare, University of Mainz, conference on ‘Writing Renaissance Experience: Experiencing Renaissance Writing’

June 19-30 2018: Course taught at University of Vechta (20 hours), final year Honours students, on Wuthering Heights and Great Expectations

April 2018: Lecture on Cosmopolis and New Media Technology in The University of Social Sciences and Humanities in Warsaw

April 2018: University of Sosnoviec, Poland: Guest in English Department, and lecture on The Woman in White.

February 2018: Durham University: ‘Landscapes of Realism’: workshop participant and respondent

October 2017: Guest Lectures at the following Universities (in the order given, over 2 weeks):  National Taiwan University (Phantasmagoria and Phsyignomy: Spectral Reality, the City and the Detective
National Cheng Kung University, Tiawan (Graduate Architecture programme): ‘Iron Architecture: Why Ruskin Hated Iron’:
National Sun Tat-sen University, Kaoshiung: ‘Blake and Milton: Torments of Love and Jealousy’
National Taiwan Normal University (Graduate Institute of Art History): ‘Reading Stains: Leonardo da Vinci, the Grotesque, and the Baroque’
National Taipei University of Technology: ‘Dickens and Poe: Mysteries of Paris and London’ (Plus three guest lectures to MA and BA students)
National Chiao Tung University: Guest Lecture: D.H. Lawrence and Washington Irving (American Studies Undergraduate class)
Fu Jen Catholic University: ‘Lawrence, Cézanne, and Merleau-Ponty
Hong Kong Hang Seng Management College: ‘What is a Picture? Lacan, Cézanne, Heidegger, and Merleau-Ponty’
Hong Kong Polytechnic University (School of Design): ‘Benjamin and Photography’

29 September 2017: Conference at University of Warsaw, English Department, ‘From Queen Anne to Queen Victoria’

May 2017: Paper on Baroque and Realism, ‘Landscapes of Realism’ workshop, Nottingham.

February 17 2017: Paper on Realism and Melodrama, ‘Landscapes of Realism’ workshop, SOAS.

November 2016: Speaker to Dante Society, Oxford University.

October 2016, Keynote speaker, Dickens and Poe, English Literature Seminar, University of Warsaw, Poland.

September 2016: Keynote speaker at postgraduate conference on Allegory, Queen Mary, London.

August 2016: Galway, Paper on Dickens and Hypocrisy, ESSE conference (22-26 August).

July 2016: Keynote speaker at 5th International Gissing Conference, Bristol, ‘Gissing and Place’University of Vechta, Germany: June 2016: Appointment in English Department, teaching Bleak House as a third-year undergraduate course for credit.

NTUT: May 2016: ‘What is Natural History’: Adorno and Benjamin
NTUT: The work of Bernard Stiegler (lecture to MA class)

National Taiwan University, May 2016: ‘Victorian Philosophies of Furniture’ (paper read to research seminar)

Warsaw University, March 2016: ‘Victorian Philosophies of Furniture’ (lecture to English Studies Reading-group)

Sept 2015: ‘Dante, Eliot, Leavis’ – keynote lecture to the F.R. Leavis and T.S. Eliot Society, Cambridge University, Downing College.

Sept 2015: ‘Why Ruskin Hated Iron’, keynote at Conference at Warsaw University, ‘Queen Anne to Queen Victoria’

March 28 2015: Rochester, Guildhall Museum: Dickens Symposium, talking on Dickens and Turner.

March 13, 2015: St Andrews University: Lecture on Convivio 3, in their Lectura Dantis Andreapolitana series

March 12, 2015: Lecture to Rose Bruford Residential School for Opera (Salford), Ambiguity in Dream-Interpretation: Verdi and Wagner

December 11 2014: Royal Holloway College, London, Victorian Studies Centre: Paper on Ruskin, Turner, and Dickens,

December 4 2014: Paper: ‘On Soliloquy’, Hang Seng Management College, Hong Kong

December 1: 2014: Paper on Translation, Lingnan University, Hong Kong

November 28-29, 2014: Keynote speaker at NTUT conference on ‘Comedy’

November 27, 2014: NTUT: Paper on The Revenger’s Tragedy (MA class)

November 25 2014: National Taipei University of Technology: ‘Benjamin, Carnival and the ‘Storm of Forgiveness’

November 24 2014: National Taiwan University: Paper on ‘Walter Benjamin and the Problem of Historical Time’ (second version)

October 24 2014: University of Barcelona: Paper on Virginia Woolf, To the Lighthouse

October 20, 2014: St Louis University, Madrid: Paper: ‘Walter Benjamin and the problem of Historical Time’ (first version)

August 31, 2014: Paper on Dickens and Judaism at Kosice, Slovakia (European Society for the Study of English)

July 7-10 2014: Dickens Society Conference, Beziers: ‘Dickens and Cézanne’

April 23-24 2014: Keynote at conference ‘The Long Modernist Novel’, (Dorothy Richardson Society, with the Northern Modernism Seminar and the British Association of Modernist Studies), Birkbeck College, London.

December 6 2013: Keynote at conference ‘Challenger Unbound’, UCL.